Detskiy Sad Solnishko

Detskiy Sad "Solnishko" is an all Russian preschool located in 
beautiful Lansdowne, Virginia. Established in 2006, Detskiy Sad 
"Solnishko" is a loving and caring preschool that emphasizes cultural 
education in the Russian language.

Our comprehensive daycare includes:

  • Russian language and speech development
  • Mathematics
  • Art and Crafts
  • Physical Education
  • Musical Education
  • Early Reading
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Social Skills

...and more!


Not only is the educational experience Russian but the cuisine is authentic Russian featuring a cook with over 35 years experience preparing Russian meals.


Our Address

44140 Riverpoint Drive, Lansdowne, VA 20176

Tel: (571) 236-6562

Tel: (703) 858-5665

Opening Hours

Monday–Friday: 8AM-6PM


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Follow us on facebook!